Born in a horse year according to the Chinese lunar calendar, horse is Bruna Pickler’s Chinese-zodiacal animal.

“I feel like I was connected to these animals from a very young age. I was 14 when I had my first showjumping competition and I hit the mark of best time with a nice zero. The horse name was Khalifa, and owned by the Equestrian Centre I was competing for. After this, I hadn’t had the chance to be on a saddle again until I was 27. At this time I started to jump 1 metre high. I have ridden and learned ever since, from the best professionals as I travel from Brazil, to Australia, to Hong Kong with the sole purpose to increase my skill in horse riding… I have a true passion for these animals.”

                                                                                           Bruna Pickler on Horsemanship


There are many videos of my progress on my YouTube channel. And there is always a new one to be launched — as I work on all of my social media by myself, editing, producing and directing, some delays on publishing may occur.

This is my favorite episode, my debut in Hong Kong, riding a nordic charier horse from one of Hong Kong’s best riding school.


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Bruna Pickler riding a farm horse at the age of 8, at a resort in Brazil
Bruna Pickler and “Joana” from Tafner&Tafner Stud (Brazil)

Bruna Pickler and “Fly” from Tafner&Tafner Stud training jumping (1 meter high) Brazil 2017