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Bruna Pickler in Hong Kong Indoor competition 2018


2018’s INTERPORT Indoor Archery Open results can be found here:


RANK: 14th     Bruna Boege Pickler, team: UMSU Archery Association (Macau, China)

(18 meters)

POINTS: round 1: 64 points (14)     of which 0 arrows scored 10; and 2 arrows scored 9.

                 round 2: 76 points (14)          of which 1 arrows scored 10; and 3 arrows scored 9.

                 TOTAL: 140 points. OF WHICH TOTAL OF ARROWS SCORING 10: 1.  AND TOTAL OF ARROWS SCORING 9: 5.


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Bruna Pickler is certified Level 1 Instructor by U.S.A. Archery

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Archery Bruna Pickler: Season 3 is under production during 2019

Arquearia Bruna Pickler: Temporada 3 está em produção durante o ano de 2019

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