2018’s last deals

The year is almost finished. And I would like to share with you our latest portfolio of horse-related items.

Please click on the link below (https://www.equiccessories.com/brunapickler) and buy from it. This is only the first partnership of CriaMacau as a brand, with the commitment with quality products.

While 2018 is still on, don’t miss this chance.


Hurry up, there are a few months left to buy and contribute to CriaMacau’s major mission, of devoting 1/2 of its annual profits to raise animal welfare awareness. This is a kind gesture of us, in a way to contribute to a planet with more consciousness on what is truly good animal welfare. 😉

From 2019 on, another so many other items will be on display and ready to be purchased on our own online shop.

Thanks for sharing 😀



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